At Carlow Orthodontics (CDC) we want to make sure we can offer treatment to everyone so we have done two things;

  • The cost of treatment is competitively priced and it reflects the high value of care we offer to our patients.
  • There are several interest-free payment plans that helps patients budget the cost of orthodontic treatment.

As a patient of Carlow Orthodontics, on completion of your consultation, you will receive a personalised treatment plan that breaks down the length and cost of your treatment. The quote also includes follow-up care for a year after you have finished orthodontic treatment.

Below is our price list as of September 26th 2022 which will give you an idea of the cost orthodontic treatment starts at Carlow Orthodontics.

Payment Plans at Carlow Orthodontics

Interest-free credit is available on our Orthodontic treatment plans. The cost of the treatment will be discussed in full after your full consultation with us and our treatment coordinator will discuss your treatment plan and payments.

The initial deposit is required to commence treatment and the remainder of the payments can be spread out over the full period of treatment making it a very cost-effective method for our patients to plan and budget for the required treatment.

Orthodontic Tax Relief

20% tax relief is available on the overall cost of orthodontic treatment. Once your treatment is completed and paid for in full our administration team will post this completed form to you.

It is submitted at the start of each new tax year either online via PAYE anytime or by post. The form is also available for print by clicking this link. https://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/leaflets/it6.html#section3


Consultation €50
Adult Upper & Lower Metal Braces €4,650
Under 18 Upper & Lower Metal Braces €4,250
Upper or Lower Metal Braces €2,950
Adult Upper and Lower Clear Braces €4,750
Under 18 Upper and Lower Clear Braces €4,450
Invisalign Full Treatment €5,550
Invisalign Upper & Lower Lite Treatment €4,000
Invisalign Lite Upper or Lower Treatment €3,750
Early Orthodontic Treatment €1,200
TAD ( Orthodontic Implant ) €350
Auxiliary Appliance ( Bite Plane – Trans Palatal Arch €250
Replacement Invisalign Tray €100
Replacement Retainers ( per retainer ) €200
Repair Bonded Retainer €100
Replace Bonded Retainer €170
Check up ( after retention phase ) €50
Emergency Checkup ( retention phase ) €0

Fees are correct as of April 1st 2024